Curatorial projects

Merzedes Sturm-Lie is an artist and a curator.

Sturm-Lie sees her curated group exhibitions as artworks in themselves that attempt to challenge her own and the general notion of a gallery/museum space. For example in 2011 she organised and curated the show 'White Zoo and Black Powers' at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, which was a direct comment on the conventional 'white cube' gallery space.

Her exhibition 'Je m'en fous' (Galleri Mejan, Stockholm  2012) was in fact a meta-show about a previously curated exhibition. This previous exhibition was 'The Circle Game', a groupshow curated and organised by Merzedes Sturm-Lie at Harlan Levey Projects Gallery in Brussels, 2012.
In 'Je m'en fous' she shows us what happens in front of and behind the curtains of a succesfull downtown gallery. She tells us about the glamorous opening with lots of vodka, as well as dramatic conflicts that arise between several of the artists.

As a rule, she never keeps to being solely the curator, but always also participates as an artist.


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