Glasmontern, Odenplan Subway Station / T-bana, Stockholm (SE), 2016. Solo

All photos by Hans Ekestang


The title of the work - Pirata - is a non existing word in English and Swedish, a feminine bending of the word pirate. The glass booth at Odenplan Subway station is shaped like a boat turned upside down. A boat is mostly in motion. Now and then it stops to claim a short time ownership of a space and thereafter moves on.

The symbols on the flags relate to core ideas on humanity, society and cosmos.

BURNING HEART - Fighting for love , ideas and dreams
ODENS KNOT - Knots to join , attach and carry things
DES CON - History as a spiral of destruction and construction
NO NAME - No single person owns wealth, life or the earth

SL:s glass booth at Odenplans subwaystation. This is the 80th exhibition in a row where commuters can view work by an upcoming and young generation of artists.


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