Diamond Heart

Diamond Heart iron and bronze sculpture

Diamond Heart. 2016 - 2018. Bronze and iron sculpture. (30 cm x 40 cm) x 4

The sculpture Diamond Heart consists of 4 hooks, 1 origional in iron and 3 bronze replicas of a functional hook which I stumbled upon in an abandoned mercury mine in Idrija, Slovenia - the very mine where my grandfather once worked. This hook, a cleverly designed tool, served as a makeshift coat hanger for miners. Its pointed end could be anchored into a wall or wooden pillar, providing a spot to hang lamps or jackets with its two sturdy hooks. It was a mobile and resilient hanger, an essential tool for the miner’s journey within the labyrinthine depths of the mine. In Diamond Heart, I combined four of these hooks to fashion two stylized emblems, which, when examined closely, reveal the forms of both a diamond and a heart. This fusion of symbols connects the work to ideas about dymanics of resilience, the unity of families and the transformative power of love.

Exhibited in:
Mezzo-Tinto, KBK, Brussels, (BE). 2023
Domestic Science, Pfand-Leeggoed, Brussels, (BE). 2022
Secondhand Daylight, Kummelholmen, Stockholm, (SE). 2017


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