Twice in Once

Twice in Once performance

Twice in Once. Performance and installation, Domestic Science, Nothing for free, Pfand-Leeggoed, Brussels, (BE). 2022


Twice in Once installation with wallpaper

The wallpaper is a graphically processed image of a table visualising and explaining variations of the human voice, found in the 1823 book “An Essay on the History and Theory of Music; and on the qualities, capabilities, and management of the human voice” by musicologist Isaac Nathan.
In the performance an auditory landscape is created by layering, looping and reflecting on the power of song, transcendence and mythical sirens. The performance was transformed into a soundwork which was present for the duration of the exhibition.


Merzedes Sturm-Lie · Twice in once


There were 4 variations of this performance and installation:
TAYLLOORE, King Pistolet Bakery, Oostende (BE). 2021
Domestic Science, Nothing for free, Pfand-Leeggoed, Brussels (BE). 2022
Sint-Lukas Library, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels (BE). 2022
T0- a new era, Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg (SE). 2022

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