Herz an Herz

Herz an Herz performances in Brussels and Berlin


Merzedes Sturm-Lie · Herz an Herz.WAV

Herz an Herz. Performance project and sound sculpture, 2020-22

This performance represents a time loop of before and after a significant personal event, with traces from an autopsy, industrial-social recordings and lamentation. During the performance Herz an Herz I use pre-recorded audio via my mobile, and move around inbetween the audience while talking and singing into a megaphone.

The performance was transformed into a sound sculpture consisting of a megaphone, microphone tripod, usb stick and the recorded sound from the 1st performance.


Herz an Herz sound sculpture

Performed at DID YOU KISS THE SPOT TO MAKE IT WELL, Des Esseintes, Hoeilaart (BE) 2020 &
Tunnel Affection, ICC Tunnel, Berlin (DE), 2022.
Sound sculpture exhibited in Spare us the gutter, SeeU, Brussels (BE), 2021


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