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Larynx. 2023. Performance, sound piece and installation. Cunst-Link - K.L.8 & Double Minutes - Komplot, Brussels (BE)

Anatomical drawings related to the larynx, the organ of the voice, have been graphically manipulated and engraved on old mirrors. In the performance, vocal exercises and calling sounds are sung whilst walking around and showing each mirror to the public, followed by placing them on a LED triangle. The work plays with the blurred lines between emotional affect and reason.

"In 2020, a temporary loss of her voice sparked Sturm-Lie’s fascination with the physical constitution of the human vocal apparatus. Delving into medical books spanning different eras, from the 15th-century to the ‘70s and ‘90s, she has crafted a personal reinterpretation of these intricate anatomical structures. When removed from their familiar context, the larynx, vocal cords, and other components appear incredibly unfamiliar, even alien. Larynx features a selection of these graphically modified illustrations presented as engravings on mirror panels. Old mirrors have been chosen not only for their reflective qualities but also because people have mirrored themselves in them, thus reflecting multiple layers of place, time and history. These mirror panels encapsulate the engraved images of our vocal organs, concealed within them. In darkness, they remain invisible, but as we illuminate them, the contours of the engravings emerge, evoking a sense of initiation or hypnotic ritual. The performance aspect of the exhibition also delves into various dimensions of the human voice. During her convalescence, Sturm-Lie engaged in daily vocal exercises to recover her normal voice. These exercises encompassed animal calls, vocal exercises, and voice vibrations. What makes these sounds particularly intriguing is that they transcend conventional words and form part of an unconscious “language,” connected to our more primal and subconscious selves."
Excerpt from text by curator Giulia Blasig, 2023


Performance and installation:
Cunst-Link x K.L.8, Brussels, (BE). 2023
Double Minutes #7, Komplot, Brussels, (BE). 2023


Photos by Aylene Lievens.


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